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7 thoughts on “Clarksville Man Sicced Pit Bull on Girlfriend; Boyfriend Arrested

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  1. The trick is to teach them not to attack. Any fool can teach one to attack. Anyone fool enough to own one.

  2. In Indiana a dog that is used as a weapon is the same as using a gun. It is part of the state’s lethal weapon statute. This would be jail time. Tennessee seems not to care about victims at all–they need to realize that their are dogs that can kill you in the first bite. This was once rare in the United States but no longer.

  3. Seems like neighbors should be worried to have Murphy move back into the house. Dogs or no dogs, Murphy should be a concern….

  4. I wonder how this guy will feel telling the folks in his new “gated community” that he sicced a pit bull on a defenseless girl?

    Better still, I wonder how they’ll feel about it?

    Bwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha! Idiot!

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