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3 thoughts on “Rosie Gordon Recovering; Benefit Concert Planned

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  1. Any minute an AmBull group is going to put on a fundraiser for this girl…..

  2. Beyond the devastating reality of the injury, suffering and scaring left behind, in instances like this where the family was a friend of the dog owner and the attack happened ON PROPERTY…it’s an absolute civil nightmare. The dog owner may not be liable. Rosie’s mother said:

    “It all happened really fast,” she said. “I’m not really comfortable talking about it. It was the dog that belonged to a person we know that is a friend of ours.”

    Friends no more. But both families are likely in a state of devastation, not to mention the state of the young victim…

  3. It’s too bad there is no product liability for the breeders of such horrible animals.

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