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3 thoughts on “Pit Bull Owner Charged in the Staten Island Fatal Pit Bull Mauling

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  1. I simply don’t understand why any politician in New York is afraid to spay and neuter this dog out of the state. Imagine what their animal control is like in NYC you have people turning pits in and other thugs picking one up. What New York should do is ban all fighting dogs. There is a class of fighting dogs Presa Canario, Tosa, Doggo Argentina Am. Pit Bull Terrier also Am. Staffordshire Terrier (same dog different name)and others that should be just out right banned in the U.S. Bully dog owners relax the fighters carry special traits your dogs don’t. The dog fighter tried the Rottweiler in the fighting pit and he got slaughtered. None of the traits of a fighter. I mean legislators why are we allowing a dog to exist that was created for what is now a felony in all fifty states. New York citizens start yelling.

  2. Pit bull forum won’t touch this story. How can they? They can not spew their typical propaganda on this one.

    Their typical line of attack is to first question the breed involved. How can they with video footage of cops carrying two pit bulls from the house. Next they would shout the typical crap “All dogs bite!!”. Yes all breeds of dogs do bite, but only pit bulls strip the meat off of bones.

    Pit Bull Talk has posted this story. Here is one of their comments:

    “Personally, I am FAR more concerned about the poor man who was mauled and the fact that Peter Vallone is using that tragedy to further his own agenda and attempting to enact BSL less than an hour from my home.”

  3. It is not just Peter Valone’s agenda, but it is mine along with several hundred that have already signed our petition in Wabash, IN , a town of 12,000.

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