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7 thoughts on “Pit Bull Owner and Vicious Dogs Continue Terror Streak in B.C.

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  1. This is why they need to skip the declaration of “dangerous.” If the dog is dangerous enough to be declared dangerous, he’s dangerous enough to be removed at the time of the first incident.

  2. What gets me is how Law enforcement/Animal Control failed to release this perps identity until just recently.

  3. But they have not released his real name or false names. Did you see where they had?

  4. But they have not released his real name or false names. Did you see where they had?

  5. This is what I don’t understand. Many places now have Dangerous Dog laws where a dog can be officially labeled Potentially Dabgerous or Vicious, depending on the circumstances. One of the reasons your dog can be termed Potentially Dangerous is if it was trained or encouraged to be a threat to people or other animals, or a fighting dog. Well, pit bulls are fighting dogs by instinct, shouldn’t they all then fall under the Potentially Dangerous definition automactically? These dogs would then have to have a higher license fee, muzzled in public, have a backyard enclosure, or whatever else the law says to do with these types of dogs. No other law is needed, it’s not even breed specific.

    Owners of dangerous breeds of animals should be made to purchase at least $1,000,000.00 in liability pet insurance & show proof of same to purchase pet licence & be required to leash & muzzle their dog outside their home & in the company of children! Then there's the pet security dep when renting property… As a dangerous pet owners they should NOT be able to rent in high density properties such as apts, co-ops, etc. They shold be limited as to where they can excersize their dogs off leash too. Off leash should not mean off muzzle either…
    That is to say you may wish own a dangerous animal BUT you must be a responsible owner.

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