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6 thoughts on “Fourth Attack in Springfield in Less Than 2 Weeks

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  1. This is exactly why this dog should be banned. A retractable leash for a pit bull! I know it’s the irresposible owner but think how many dogs do you have to put on a thick leash and be very strong to control the dog to save people’s lives. It’s a sad joke
    Also, Bad Rap, a pit bull rescue group say’s you should walk with a parting stick to be responsible–Thats so if the pit bull bites and hangs on someone can hopefully pry the dogs jaws open. I’ve seen this done and it takes a darn strong person.

  2. “An avid dog and cat rescuer, she does not believe pit bulls are inherently aggressive.”

    Freakin’ hilarious. I guess the cult thinking doesn’t go away very easily. Seems kind of silly to babble on this way when your pit bull wounds are leaking through their dressings.

    Victim nominated for ‘Intervention & Deprogramming.’

  3. There is one more important point about Bad Rap I would like to make. The above poster mentions that Bad Rap advises that owners carry a break stick, but continuously downplays the problems of owning a fighting breed….they portray animal aggression as not a big problem. I have always been a little put off by their website…I find it just a bit creepy, with their glib, gushing, cutesy, descriptions of the dogs and their relentless dismissal of the very real drawbacks to owning a pit bull as a family pet. There was something else that bothered me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it, until I looked closer at the website.

    Under a section on housing, there is a sentence that, shockingly, condones keeping pit bulls as OUTSIDE DOGS LIVING ON A TETHER. The sentence reads…”If indoor accomodations are not possible, we recommend an outdoor kennel run with a good lock, or a well desighned cable tie out.”

    I have NEVER known of a rescue group that would condone the “outdoor dog” as a pet ; many sporting dog rescues make it VERY clear that they will not adopt out hunting breeds to anyone who plans on keeping it as an “outdoor dog”. With all the tragedies that involve pit bulls living their lives on chains in the back yard, why does Bad Rap add this sentence? Is it a nod and a wink to the dogmen, many of whom are keeping the gamebred bloodlines alive? Is it a nod to Diane Jessup, who says its fine to chain a pit bull?

    And what of human aggression? Why the soft stand? Bad Rap states, “Any pit bull that demonstrates UNWORKABLE aggression toward people is revealing a substandard temperament and MAY need to be humanely euthanized.”

    Is that because Cesar Millan claims to be able to “rehabilitate” dangerous pit bulls? Does Bad Rap advise amateur “rescue” groups to attempt to rehabilitate dangerous pit bulls and put them up for adoption?

    In another part of the site, they talk about ways to excersize your pit bull, and recommend treadmills. They actually post a link to the Colby website…the Colby family were dogmen, since dogfighting became illegal, they claim they no longer sell dogs for “illegal” purposes. But look at the links posted on the Colby website…

    Its a list of back yard breeders, and kenels breeding “gamebred” dogs from famous fighting lines. Also, he lists the All American Dog Registry, whose founder and organization was a well known dog fighters, who was just arrested a few months ago for animal abuse.

    Why would Bad Rap put a link on their website that is owned by a former dogfighter? Why put money in his pocket by promoting his treadmill?

  4. Because the entire Pit Bull culture has truly been about cruelty and suffering for a couple of centuries now!

  5. Money.

    How much you want to bet Bad Rap gets huge donations from certain “lobbyists”?

    And this clearly illustrates why pit bulls cause so many problems – their owners can’t get proper information on how to care for them safely. They are duped into thinking they are just like any other dog. They are constantly being told myths and lies: all human aggressive pits were culled – FALSE, google Chinaman; you can train/abuse any dog to be vicious – FALSE, look at the living conditions of racing dogs before they are adopted without problems; aggression is not genetic – FALSE, then why keep detailed fighting pedigrees? Why can you judge every other breed on the planet by its parents and what its breed was created to do EXCEPT for pit bulls? Check out different rescues organization web sites: Bad Rap, Pit Bull Rescue Central, Good Pooch, Diane Jessup’s site, National Research Council, etc. – there’s got to be hundreds of rescues and ordinary people posting info that conflicts. And half of them cite each other to prove their info is real. So owners pick and choose what they want to hear and follow that advice. It’s a mess, and as a result there are NO RESPONSIBLE OWNERS because none of them have the correct information!!

    Biggest proof of all: the Bay Area (where Bad Rap is) got the brillant idea to call pit bulls St. Francis Terriers to get more adopted by unsuspecting and unprepared people. They had to stop the practice. Why? Too many animals were being attacked and killed by these newly adopted dogs! Given the correct name and the correct instructions, how many people would still get pit bulls, and how many incidents would be avoided? But the advocates know that if you tell people the truth, no one will adopt them. Less pits in society means the fighting dogs stand out and there is a greater chance of those operations being shut down. We and our pets are all disposable to protect the fighting industry folks.

  6. I have encountered “pit bull advocates” on-line, who claim to be deeply involved in rescue, who will not condemn the dogmen, and treat the famous names, like Colby, Boudreaux, etc., like rock stars. They want the “real” pit bulls, the game bred dogs, to continue being bred, because they want access to them. There are websites openly advertising dogs with fighting pedigrees, websites advertising stud dogs for 10K and up, that have no titles, no training, nothing….what do YOU think makes a stud dog worth 14K, when he can’t hunt, perform in obedience, tracking, agility, etc?

    We are subsidizing criminal breeders at the expense of innocent victims and other domesticated animals. We put our first responders at risk having to deal with these dogs. Its time public officials found the courage to stand up to the dog lobby AND the so-called humane groups which have only made the problem worse.

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