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7 thoughts on “Elderly Woman's Dog Attacked by Pit Bull

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  1. I’m suprized a pit bull owner hasn’t been killed by someones relative. Let something like this happen, then take your pit bull home until it attacks another person. It is hard to beleive this is happening.

  2. The pit nutters are really spewing on this one:

    Posted by: Karma Location: South Omaha on Jul 9, 2008 at 10:54 PM
    This dog has a puncture wound from what I can tell, It didn’t even require stitches and the woman twisted her ankle. How is the ankle twisting the dogs fault? and lets see a picture of the dog? I would be willing to bet it isn’t even a pitbull. This is a over sensationalized story, strange no other media outlet picked up this story. I see a hidden agenda here. I can hear the hatred in the elderly womans voice for dogs she has never even met.

  3. Funny find of Karma’s comment, Anonymous. I guess Karma has been so busy defending pit bulls in the ‘Pit Bull Attacks Lady & Her Dog’ category; the individual details of these incidents have become one big blur for her.

    But I’d like to nominate commenter ‘Faith’ for unintended humor as well. Faith leads off with the usual pretentious drivel: “I cannot believe the ignorance shown in many of the comments posted here.”

    Ha… How did I just know where this was headed? This pretext for commenting must be in the ‘Pit Bull Defenders Handbook.’ Nowhere else would you be trained to establish yourself as an arrogant ass before stating your case. But that wasn’t the funny part. Faith adds, “I am hearing a lot of talking about banning an entire breed for the actions of this one dog,”

    Did you get that? All this talk of a breed ban is from one dog!


    I know it’s a serious topic, but, c’mon! That kind of loony is freakin’ priceless!

  4. Ask officials to do something?

    You mean something like hire Mayor Dunnington from Iowa? Or just clone him?

  5. I hope the officials in Omaha understand if this lady does not show up for any meetings. These people are traumatized and fightened. This is the reason most victims don’t show up for official meetings. Now we know the pit bull people will be there–What’s so sad is that in many cases they blame the victims. Most pit bull owners know nothing about their breed of dog. That’s why so few people should really own one. Omaha spay and neuter this dog out.

  6. Omaha was bamboozled last year when the Pit carpet baggers “educated” them away from restricting Pit Bulls. The blood from these recent attacks are on their hands!

  7. Victims of these attacks are THREATENED and intimidated by the pit bull lobby, and by individual pit bull owners, that is why there is not a greater victim presence at public hearings! My elderly neighbor was terrified of the problem pit bull in our neighborhood….it lived across the street from her. She called animal control and was told that she needed to give her name in order to file a complaint…the dog was loose constantly, and she had seen it act aggressively and attack other dogs.

    She told me that she refused to leave a complaint because she was afraid of the family that owned the dog…in her words, “they are not a nice family”. This was a woman in her late sixties taking care of her 90 year old mother…I don’t blame her for being intimidated.

    It’s up to public servants to act in the best interests of their constituents, who are often too afraid to confront the types of people who own these dogs.

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