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7 thoughts on “Canadian TV Panel Defends Michael Coren's Remarks About Pit Bulls

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  1. Honestly, the characterization of pit bull owners as white trash semi-criminals is pretty accurate; there is data that proves that pit bull owners in general tend to have criminal records. How many police drug busts involve the cops shooting aggressive pit bulls? Do we have a count? I have read some studies that link the presence of pit bull dogs to drugs/crime in a home.

    I think there is another type of owner, who may not be a criminal, but who is drawn to the attention they receive for owning this type of dog. I think some of the “pit bull activists” fall into this category; they thrive on the drama and controversy surrounding these dogs, they love the fact that people fear them. I think these people are social misfits who feel important and validated by becoming part of this “crusade” against BSL.

    I have always felt that the type of dog people choose as a companion is a true reflection of their personality. I think emotionally healthy people, looking for a family pet, have so many choices today…both in pure bred dogs and rescue dogs; that is it curious that people would choose a potentially dangerous, controversial, high maintenance fighting breed like a pit bull. I think the people who choose these dogs as “pets”, are expressing their own sense of anger and alienation from society. The rescue angels themselves feel misunderstood and unlovable, so they identify with these dogs..its not enough to rescue any dog, no matter how friendly and adoptable it is; its more important to rescue a breed that no one wants.

    The irony is, the egos and emotions of the “pit bull activists” are what have doomed these dogs and their animal victims for the past two decades; the pro-pit lobby has esentially protected the dog-fighters and criminal breeders by fighting resonable regulations on back yard breeders. If my chosen breed of sporting dog suddenly became popular and was being ruined by overbreeding, I would be screaming for regulations on breeders. That’s a normal response from anyone who loves a certain breed of dog….sadly, the pit bull activists aren’t true dog lovers.

  2. Great post! (#1 from anonymous)

    I think you nailed it, particularly identifying that category not readily associated with meth, dog fighting, etc.

    I can't remember if I first saw this >other< category in a comment section or on liveleak, but since its mention, my own observations have caused me to recall this and chuckle numerous times.

    Approximate quote: "Pit bulls are owned by dogfighters, dealers protecting the stash, tax dodging breeders, slaves to trends, and toothless hillbillies. The other third are attention seeking drama queens (the dudes too) who are otherwise alienated because of obesity, bull dog faces, ugly personalities, who have an inclination to join anything where they have a shot at acceptance."

    I thought it might be a little harsh, but carry this perspective around with you for awhile and then try to tell me it ain't so!

    Suffice to conclude, Michael Coren’s comments only echoed the tame side of public sentiment.

  3. Great post and so true. There are basically 3 kinds of pit bull owners. The first know exactly what type of dog it is and that is why they are getting it – they are the criminals, the bullies, or those who think a pit bull is for protection. The second refuses to believe what kind of dog it is and is set to prove people wrong – they are naive, bleeding hearts, or in some way unbalanced and looking for “purpose” or self-worth by successfully “rescuing” a dog with a bad reputation. The third has no idea they adopted a pit bull and are learning as they go, these people are by nature impulsive and irrational and uneducated, and once they love the dog fall into denial when confronted with facts. Of the three groups, I find the last two to be the most dangerous as they are the most unprepared, and yet these people are the ones most usually considered a good owner in pit bull loving circles.

  4. I would agree with the opinions of those before me. has some very well educated people on the pit bull problem reading this site.

  5. Regarding the 3 types of owners: I am not sure how many types there are, but I did join a pit bull blog group to learn about the breed and do not see them included. These pit bull owners were not criminals but they did know exactly what the dogs were capable of. Some of the bloggers had been bitten by their own pets and some had also euthanized their own dogs for aggression.

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