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9 thoughts on “Animal Control Officers Bit by Pit Bull Responding to Attack

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  1. I just saw on “Christina’s Court” a man shot a pit bull in his yard and had to pay $2000 dollars. The dog owner claimed $900 value of a dog he got at three weeks old, because the dogs mother would not feed it. The dog was loose on several occasions, but that didn’t seem to matter.
    A pit bull bends a single blade of grass on my property and it will find the business end of my pitch fork. I will not let it get a second chance to get at me.

  2. Screw the tasers man, you need hollow points! None of those through and through crap bullets, only to run off and live another day.

  3. Let the pit nutters take of their own. I wouldn’t donate a penny to help anyone who has been attacked by their OWN pit bull.

  4. Ditto for Shannon Reed on the donation front.
    Actually this woman needs a DARWIN AWARD ASAP!!!
    The rot bit an 18 yr old girl, previously bit the owner and now again ATTACKS the owner!!! FINALLY Shannon sees the light and puts the dog down. Let’s hope this idiot is just smart enough to know that she is not dog owning material. Shannon, maybe you should try goldfish.

    Now these are the kind dog attacks I don’t mind reading about!

  5. In my neighborhood, nice families don’t own pit bulls. Period. If you are walking down the street with a pit bull, you could save some time by simply hanging a sign around your neck that says “I am a recreational drug user!”.

    In the suburbs, a lot of the pit bull owners are actually recreational drug users…they have to drive to dangerous neighborhoods in the nearby urban centers to buy their drugs, and they don’t want to get caught carrying an illegal handgun, so they take the dog along for the ride as a sort of protection. Hand to God, its the truth. My friend and I counted the families with pits we knew, and all had a family member who was using, had either been written up in the local police logs, or was obviously involved with drugs.

    I live in a very nice, middle class neighborhood; very few people own pit bulls, but the ones that do are always “troubled” families, and almost every pit bull has caused problems for neighbors with threatening, aggressive behavior or actual attacks on people and other pets.

  6. Boxer mix? Yeah, sure.

    How is that house still standing? And why is it that the newest looking things were a stove and a frige – in the front yard?

    Another class-act pit bull owner.

  7. I often wonder if these types were on the internet just before the attack spewing nanny dog myths like, “All my dog wants to do is lick you to death.”

    What must go on in their minds when they are being mauled?

  8. I’d like to see the Pit Bull community offer a fig leaf to civilization and make donations to some of their victims saddled with six-figure medical costs.

    Also, it would be nice if they bred safer dogs.

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