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4 thoughts on “1,000 Blog Posts by

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  1. Attention! Please leave comments regarding your favorite posts of the 1,000. We will include them on this blog post as “Readers Favorite Posts.” Don’t worry about finding a weblink. Just slightly describe your favorite posts and we’ll figure it out from there.

    Thank you for being part of!

  2. Bravo DBO! The $40 Billion a year petcare industry wants this information to fade into oblivion. More dogs equals more money…and they want zero liability and zero regulation.

    Here’s a good one that needs to be remembered:

    The American “Pit” Bulldog which was adopted out by the humane society and killed the 10 year old boy in New Mexico. This one shouldn’t fade due to the HS’ involvement.

  3. Any comment describing a personal attack and how it was dealt with would be good choices.

  4. Congratulations and thank you to for reaching this milestone!

    One of my favorites was the comment on ATTS, which amounted to the debunking of yet another pro-pit propaganda tool. I have since visited and perused the site to reinforce the points of the comment.

    Indeed, ATTS states the importance of its existence today is to respond to BSL. (Only after you understand the ‘AGENDA’ can you understand their results.)

    And how do they explain ranking one breed against other breeds when they use a breed standard for individual dogs, instead of a breed neutral benchmark for evaluating all dogs? (It’s a ridiculous fraud!)

    At any rate, rocks. Thank you, again!

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