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6 thoughts on “Wichita, Kansas Pit Bull Stats -- Mirrored in Most US Cities Nationwide

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  1. The other thing is that the fighting breeds fanciers are notoriuos for not registering their dogs and paying for the Animal Control system.

    The A/C world expends enormous resources coddling them and cleaning up their overbreeding mess.

  2. “I think that when you look at the numbers and percentages and you have to say there’s something wrong here,” says Dennis Graves, Director of Wichita Animal Services.

    Gee…Ya think!!! I don’t know why cities continue to be “Stuck on Stupid”.

  3. I have a Pomeranian and we have a fenced in back yard. My neighbors pitbull charged under the fence in 2 seconds and I have never been so scared in my life. I stood in the corner where my house and a gate joins towards the driveway. I wanted to lean down and pick up my Pomeranian but was fearful the dog would attack me. I kept saying “no” in a panicked voice and “please don’t”. Luckily the pitbulls owner heard me as I am sure he thought someone had a gun to my head. The neighbor jumped the fence and got his pitbull. I have never been so scared in my life.
    I did not call anyone about the incident because I really like my neighbor. I think he is a good dog owner but pitbulls have instincts. I don’t care what their owners say as they say it depends how the dogs have been treated. That is hogwash. So many pitbulls have attacked and even killed people. A great example is the woman in San Francisco killed a few years back walking down the hall to enter her own apartment.
    I live in South Wichita and I use to walk 3-4 miles four or five days a week. I took my neighbor girls with me so they could get exercise. Pitbulls would approach or follow us along the river. I would ask people I saw if we could come in their houses or behind their fences until the loose dogs left. I have not walked in a couple years. I am scared to literally walk to my church diagonal from the house as I very often see loose pitbulls in this neighborhood and as I have seen they can charge under a fence in an instance. I hate this neighborhood for that reason. The pitbulls have more freedom than I do. I do not feel safe walking in my own neighborhood. I have taken my Pomeranian for a walk and when I see the pitbulls I pick up my dog and hold her to my chest and walk slowly the other way. This is my experience with pitbulls. My grandmother was once attacked in her neighborhood near Mt. Vernon and Spruce also. Please give it another thought and ban pitbulls. Look at he national statistics.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Please join the forum where you can talk to people that have directly experienced YOUR same experience. You can join by clicking the orange link “Start a discussion link.” If you have any questions about how to join our user forum, please email:

  5. To the above anonymous poster, Please consider reporting the incident you describe to your local animal control. Your neighbor must be given the cold hard facts of his legal responsibilities regarding this dog. If he had not been present at the time his dog charged into your fenced yard the result would have been far different. Your little dog might have died and you might have been severely injured.
    South Wichita residents have the right to enjoy their yards and walk the streets in safety. You are absolutely correct, pit bulls have the instinct to attack, they have been bred to do exactly that. Please consider meeting with neighbors who share your concerns regarding the free roaming pit bulls and demand that Animal Control protect citizens afraid to walk across th e street to church. This is an outrage!
    Please consider joining us on the forum, we share your experience and your concerns.

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