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One thought on “Pit Bulls Bring Terror; Must be Removed from Society

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  1. This woman is brilliant….she nails it.

    Here is another excellent letter to the editor from the Emporia Gazette…

    Here is an excerpt……

    “Everyone talks about “probability” when it comes to the pit bull. However, the problem lies in their deadly capability. Quite simply, pits kill and severely injure too many people. All dogs bite, but all dogs don’t maim and murder. The breed, and its variations, is equipped to kill a healthy human adult. A weaker victim will only suffer more quickly. I would rather I or my child be forced to defend against an animal against which we stood a chance. Likely death seems too great a risk for society to accept.

    Consider this: would sensible parents leave their young daughter in a strange man’s home alone? No. Why not? They would not want to risk the possibility that the stranger be a molester, or worse. Yet, for every sick, abusive male, there are at least hundreds of respectable, safe men who would do her no harm. Would you put your child at risk simply because you’ve had many experiences with men who never hurt her? No way. Small children need protection at all times.”

    The author, Adam Didde, goes on to make a very strong case for regulating these dogs.

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