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10 thoughts on “Pit Bull in Omaha Attacks 2 Babies and a Mother

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  1. Watch the video…the man who tried to help, who grabbed the kids and took them and the moms into his house, is traumatized. He is crying…the newsman even asks him if he is OK. I can only imagine what he witnessed.

    Read the comments….the mailman who delivers on this route, and another neighbor, are swearing up and down that the dog was a really nice dog. So how can the public trust all the testimony of all the pit bull owners who claim their dog is a really nice dog? Some of the worst mauling cases involve dogs whose owners and family swear the dog was great.

  2. Pit bull’s owner: “And I went to try to grab my dog, and the lady kept pushing me out of the way so I can’t get to my dog.”

    Apparently one of the victims kept pushing her out of the way, the way she sees it. She tried to stop the attack, but it’s the victims fault for pushing her out of the way.

    Makes perfect sense to accuse someone whose child is being shaken by the head, to accuse the mother who is also being bitten on the neck, of getting in the way, doesn’t it? The victim totally prevented the pit bull owner from saving the day and becoming the neighborhood hero!

    B.S. Lock this inbred b***h up! Seize and liquidate their assets! Garnish their wages for life! Kill that ugly, piece of crap, ‘Duke!’ Regulate their numbers to ZERO!

  3. I think I read that she had a “beware of Dog” sign on the property…this would mean, legally, that she was aware that the dog was dangerous. I pray she goes to prison for this, I really do.

    Also, notice that she expresses NO remorse….immediately blames the VICTIM, for being in her way. Its really obvious that pit bull owners are missing a few screws…they are sociopaths and misanthropes.

  4. Hello, just want to relay my horror to read what happened. My family just narrowly missed a tragic event like this, three pitbulls broke through my in-laws fence and my mother in law grabbed my baby and ran into the house as the dogs charged the sliding glass door (as it was shutting). We were extremly lucky, I decided to go all the way with whatever rights I did or did not have, such as city, county, owner of the rental property (the tenant, neighbor of the three pitbulls was in love with his dogs so he was of no use to me) by the way this was in San Bernardino County (Highland) California. The dog owner is now down to one dog that is kept in the house, we are keeping a close watch, any aggresive incident within a 36 month time frame is considered a second call and the dog will be impounded and a hearing set (I will not lose I am determined) I will not stop. Why is it that states like California do not allow their local agencies to set breed specific /dangerous breed ordinances/laws. To others, I knew this was going to happen I warned the tenant of what I would do, he did not believe me, he is living in lock down now, with weekly visits by all agencies. Hit the county, hit the City Council, Hit the sheriff do not stop, Hit the owner of rentals that harbor these animals with all available info. on liability, give them police reports. I found the tenants lease stated no dogs, now to get the owner of the property to enforce (lawsuits are scary to owners of rentals as insurance companies will not insure/protect/ assume liability for dangerous breeds) my next step.Please post my comments wherever they may help others. Although I am not yet 100% successful, I am heading in the right direction.

  5. The pit bull problem is national and it’s not going away. Many pit bull attacks are on their owner and I’m just sorry Duke missed his keeper. Omaha get on the stick and spay and neuter these dogs out. One bite from these dogs is horrific. Omaha needs some leadership!

  6. In the last 4 weeks my dog and I have been attacked by pit bulls 3 times while walking. The first time I was able to prevent the dog from harming my dog, the second time my dog received pretty serious injury and the third time was three doors down from my home, she had a cone on her head. I started taking her to a park to walk her as a cop suggested and someone released two pits “because they needed to run”. I barely had my dog back in the car when they were upon me. I ended up on the roof of my car. In not one of the attacks did the dog make a sound before attacking us.

  7. This story is now 10 years old and the pitbull numbers are much bigger. I live Australia and they are everywhere with idiot owners. I think it's just going to get worse and there's nothing going to stop them. They have an army of militant defenders who deny they are aggressive. It's is yet another change in the world as I knew it. There is absolutely no place where I feel safe to walk with my 2 border collies. This problem is not going away anytime soon. Everybody loses including the dogs who are shot or otherwise destroyed. These horrible genetic traits have been encouraged and refined by humans through many years of selective breeding. These dogs have been bred to have a mental illness and they have no place anywhere. Sad reflections of human evil intent

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