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2 thoughts on “Pit Bull in Greensburg, Indiana Chews Off Owners Arm

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  1. My father was in the ICU at Methodist at the same time as this poor woman. My father passed away June 24th. The last time I spoke with this woman’s husband, it was looking as if she was going to lose the other arm, but he was more worried that she still might not survive.
    And yes, this wasn’t the first time the dog attacked her.
    I’ve been keeping them in my thoughts and prayers. I have no idea what has happened since then.

  2. Indiana Woman Loses Arm To Family’s Pit Bull
    The Williams family has had the dog since he was a puppy. But a neighbor said there were signs that something was wrong. “It had already attacked her once last winter, and her husband wanted to put it down, but she wouldn’t let him,” Debra Davis said.
    That is very, very sad.

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