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5 thoughts on “Pit Bull Breeder at Odds with Nuns Owes Thousands in Unpaid Taxes

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  1. “Well, I tell ya what–if someone wants to claim a law’s unconstitutional, the least they can do is pay their taxes!”


  2. Gotta wonder if this Pit breeder is financially backed by the pit-lobby to bring this lawsuit…. How could he possibly have the money otherwise being in such tax trouble?

  3. Pity the fool on the outs with the law AND an order of nuns. If the law doesn’t scoop him up, beware of the boom and sizzle from a lightening bolt ๐Ÿ˜‰

    While there is no statistical tracking of lightning in the ‘God’s Vengeance’ category, Texas does rank 3rd in the nation for lightning fatalities, with 25 deaths in a ’97-’06 tally. Precautions for lightning have driven directives and public policy in the state for decades, with mandates for closures of everything from golf courses to pools, lakes, and stadiums for every approaching thunder storm. Yet the statistical reality today is that Texans are more than twice as likely to be killed by a pit bull, and infinitely more likely to be severely injured by a pit bull.

  4. Yes, the dog breeding lobby helps people like this sue.

    That lobby also includes puppy mill owners, dog fighters, and other assorted dog breeders.

    This is a large, corrupt industry making huge amounts of money that they hide from tax authorities.

    They want to keep it that way.

  5. Has this individual been reported to state and federal tax authorities for tax evasion?

    These breeders with unlicensed kennels do not report their income from the business, and don’t pay taxes on it.

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