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6 thoughts on “Omaha Entering the Fray: Considering Pit Bull Ban

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  1. It boggles the mind as to how Nebraska Humane can deny the success of breed bans, especially with a successful example on their door step. Council Bluffs went from record pit maulings to zero for this year.

    I guess this is what happens when you make a lie a mantra. No matter how silly or how stupid it appears, the cult won’t let go of the “insider understanding.”

    Members of Heaven’s Gate drank poison with the belief they would catch a ride on a space craft hidden behind the comet, Hale-Bopp. And members of Nebraska Humane will continue to believe that removing pit bulls from society won’t stop pit bulls from mauling and killing.


  2. Olathe, Kansas:

    “The fighting birds confiscated in a raid Wednesday have now been sentenced to death.

    A court order filed Friday approves the euthanasia of more than 500 roosters, hens and chicks. THE HUMANE SOCIETY AGREED and said it is a sad reality and there is no way to save the chickens.

    They can not be adopted out or mixed with ordinary chickens because cockfighters are bred to be hyper- aggressive. They are raised at separated stations.

    Even storing them, you have to take special precautions. If they can get within reach [of] one another, they can be dangerous to each other. If in reach of a human, they can injure a human being.” (

    Interesting that the Humane Society understands the genetic weight of breeding for aggression with fighting chickens, but throws out genetics when it comes to breeding for aggression and fighting dogs. Don’t they understand that chicken aggression and human aggression are different? Isn’t it all in how a chicken is raised?

    My fighting chickens will only lick you to death and have never spurred or pecked anybody. How come no one is stepping forward to save these birds? Haven’t they heard of ‘Therapy Chickens?’ My children are playing with our chickens right now. No wonder the chicken is often referred to as the “Nanny Bird.” And when it comes to detection of illegal grain imports, no bird aids law enforcement better than a chicken. That’s just a simple fact.

    It’s one set of rules and one interpretation of the science if it’s dogs, but an entirely different interpretation of genetic influence if it’s birds. These people are SPECIST! And that is exactly the same as RACISM!

    Remember the wonderful bird character of Looney Tunes fame? That’s right, Foghorn Leghorn was a chicken! Always, always, always rely on Hollywood for information and examples!

    Death for 500 just because of their breeding. Oh, this is sooooo wrong!

  3. If you enforce the law it works!
    Breed bans do work. Give it up Omaha Humane.

  4. The A.S.P.C.A.’s motto is “we speak for the dog.” They will enter Omaha as pit bull lawyers and believe me they have some! They are not interested in the well being of human beings. People assume they surely are professional and give good advice. Well they don’t. Totally for the pit the human second. Go to their web site. Forget them Omaha

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