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2 thoughts on “Man Loses Genital Parts in Violent Pit Bull Attack

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  1. Oh, wow….if there is one thing that might get the male politicians and general public to support breed restrictions, its the prospect of being castrated by one of these dogs. THAT will be the proverbial straw that breaks the camels back….not the mauling of toddlers and old ladies, but the gruesome spector of having your manhood bitten of by one of these hell hounds.

  2. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Several years ago a young boy had his genitals completely bitten off by a pit bull, as briefly mentioned here:

    And it gets worse. Another young boy was sodomized by a pit bull just last year. The worst part about this case was pit bull advocates were upset the parents wanted the dog destroyed, they wanted to adopt the dog! They also came up with every excuse in the book from the diaper smell made the dog to it to the dog MUST have been trained to do it, even going so far as to call AC stating such.

    Also interesting to note is the SPCA Executive Director’s idea that neutering pit bulls will remove their desire to fight. When SPCA directors are that misinformed and uneducated about these dogs considering all the calls they receive on them, you know the typical owner is just as clueless.

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