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One thought on “Flashback: Professional Poll Shows Oklahomans Favor Pit Bull Ban

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  1. Ontario had a similar poll.

    UPI Top Stories) TORONTO, Sept. 16, 2004 (UPI) — Most residents of Ontario are in favor of banning pit bulls, a survey has found.

    Ontarians are frightened after hearing recent reports of attacks by the dogs and are not shy about their feelings, said Nik Nanos, president and CEO of SES Research, which conducted a survey obtained by Sun Media.

    “I think the clear message is that a majority of Ontarians — almost six out of every 10 — want the pit bull breed of dog off the streets,” Nanos said in a Toronto Sun story. “There’s a certain image of the pit bull and it’s not positive.”

    Forty-two percent said they’d “strongly support” a ban on pit bulls, while 16 percent “somewhat support” such action, 15 percent “strongly oppose” a ban and 11 percent “somewhat oppose” it. Fourteen percent were unsure.

    Attorney General Michael Bryant may introduce legislation to ban pit bulls in Ontario, after a Toronto man was badly injured by a friend’s two pit bulls. Police shot and killed the animals.

    Bryant is expected to make a decision on a ban by year’s end.

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