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4 thoughts on “Unleashed Dogs are Dead Dogs in Semi-Rural America

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  1. It’s unfortunate that the dogs’ owner was such an outstanding idiot. Not only were there calves in the field, but this is the time of year that cows will be having calves, and cows stressed by attack or pursuit can miscarry and suffer other complications.

    Farmers operate on a small margin and cannot afford losses because some moron thinks it might be okay for his dog to be loose in the country. This dog owner is luckier than he’ll ever imagine, because it appears the shooter used a small caliber handgun. No dog has ever survived a blast from the deer rifles we use here.

    In circumstances like these, I would like to see the dog owner charged with animal cruelty; first, for his dogs’ pursuit and harassment of livestock. And second, for causing the dogs to be shot.

  2. I too am a livestock owner and have taken to shooting any dog that comes on the ranch after having my goats attacked and nearly killed by local roaming dogs. If you cannot control your dog off leash then you my loose your pet to someone defending their livestock. My advice, train your dog or keep them on a leash or in a secure yard or don’t become a dog owner.

  3. “Orange County Humane Society is now urging the State Attorney’s office to prosecute the farmer.”

    That County Humane Society has it exactly backwards. If anything, they should be seeking prosecution of the dog owner for cruelty. The law is on the farmer’s side. The farmer has the legal right and humane obligation to protect his animals from attacks.

    Obviously, they’ve arrived at the State Attorney’s level after failing at the County level because the law clearly defines the farmer’s rights. The State Attorney’s Office will have the same conclusion.

  4. Unbelievable! The antics of these people that are outraged about the farmer shooting these 2 dogs. The owner is responsible for what happened to his own dogs. Such an idiot! I wonder if these people like the dogs enough to give up their steak or hamburgers? do they even realize what farmers have to go through to raise these animals people love to eat? they act like a bunch of fanitics. Do they even realize where their food comes from?

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