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8 thoughts on “Pit Bull Busts Chain, Attacks Boy, Drags into Bushes

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  1. Broke a chain to get a kid once again!

    Pound fo pound, Pits are the strongest dog there is and they dominate the sub 80lb classes in canine weight pulling competitions.

    They need a special infrastructure to be safely contained…


  2. I am sorry, I am a college educated, middle aged woman, but if my child or a neighbors child was attacked by a pit bull in this manner, I would end up in jail, because I would haul off and punch the sniveling idiot of an owner, (and they ALL are sniveling idiots), in the mouth.

    “I’m sorry”, doesn’t cut it with me. No more excuses from these people. Every homeowners association in America should ban these dogs now. Pit bull owners should be shunned….don’t let your kids play at the homes of idiots who own these dogs, if your neighbor is a renter and owns one, make sure you notify the landlord and put him on notice that you will hold him liable if anything happens.

    Enough is enough!

  3. It seems Tennessee has a lot of problems with pit bulls. I’m guessing the laws there are not that great.

  4. I blame the bicycle manufacturer for this kid’s injuries. With all the kids dragged off bikes by pit bulls these days, there’s no reason bicycles shouldn’t come equipped with a ring of spinning knife blades, similar to the Roman chariots outfitted for war.

    And since Big Wheels are known provokers of pit bulls, I’m currently working on a prototype design with a welded chrome molly driver’s cage and reinforced cage screen suspension points. We’re currently working with our insurers to offer the, ‘First 60 Seconds of Sustained Pit Bull Attack Guarantee!’ We think the price point on our ‘Pit Wheel’ is $999. USD, but the actuaries are holding us to $2999 in areas where pit bulls are permitted.

    Due out in time for Christmas. Have fun – be safe – get the Pit Wheel! “Because only poor kids deserve to die from pit bull attacks.”

  5. I am a victim of a vicious pit bull attack and I am sickened by the lack of protection we get from our law makers. Every state should have a law that protects us from idiots like this dog owner in Tenn. This pit bull should have been euthanized the day it attacked the innocent child. Something needs to change….

  6. Anonymous…

    Sorry to hear about your attack…The laws should be designed to PREVENT attacks AND punish negligent owners. Currently, most laws are pathetically reactive.

    It is incredible that it is legal to chain out an extremely powerful and vicious breed of dog which is notorious for breaking chains!

    If pit bulls are to be kept at all, they need an inescapable infrastructure.

  7. Tell me again what a bad rap Pitbulls get……..
    My wife was walking our two dogs on the street when a young Pit out of his fence, without a collar and not fixed attacked one of my dogs and bit my wife. Luckily I was outside to hear her screams. I ran over to see my wife helpless as I kicked the Pit in the the gut with my steel toe boot with no release of my dog. I had my pocket knife out and pounced on the PiT choking it to release my dog which it finally did. I then lashed it to a tree as I rushed my dog to the Vet. After many stitches and Xrays etc my dog survived but remains traumatized as my wife is.
    Now I'm expecting someone to "blame the owner not the dog." Pits are animal aggressive and what happens when they mistake an infant for another animal.
    There must be more controls over aggressive dogs!
    So tell me again……

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