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3 thoughts on “LA Animal Services Can't Figure Out Priorities

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  1. Sheesh!…Can the Animal Control Community coddle negligent dog owners anymore? Part of the registration is ensuring the dogs are current on important public safety function.

    Offer a one-time amnesty then start hauling the scofflaws in front of judges and fill the AC coffers…. How hard can it be?

  2. The irony here is that in the year 2000, the city of LA took out $154 Million bond to fund new animal sheltersand subsequently raised property taxes….and these putzes aren’t even collecting license fees!

    Interesting history of this guy..Ed Bok a true Pit Nutter…

    In NY, he put forth a branding initiative to rename Pit Bulls.. “New Yorkies”, cuz they’re so kind and generous.

    In LA, he established a Pit Bull Training Academy staffed by prison inmates and parolees to reduce the amount of Pit euthanizations. (Didn’t Peter Strauss just get mauled by a fence jumpin LA shelter Pit recently?!)

    It’s becoming clear that the Animal Control world desperately needs an enema…

  3. I have been bitten by a dog belonging to 6363 W 84th St,
    westchester, ca-90045. It has been
    4 days the owners have not provided
    me with the dog’s vaccine record or
    even bothered to see how I am doing.
    I bet the owners Paula and Tina dont have the dog’s licence.

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