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13 thoughts on “Fort Worth Girl, 3, In Critical Condition After Pit Bull Attack

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  1. It was literally more dangerous to be a 3 year old in America than a U.S. Marine in Iraq today! We’re talking about two 3 year old children in about 3 hours, in separate incidences!

  2. It happened last year too…the Tori Whitehurst and Seth Lovitt fatalities were reported about the same time — both family dogs, both pit bull type dogs. Less than a week later, Jennifer Lowe was killed by the same kind of dog. Between October and Jan 1 of last year, the only kind of dog that killed was a pit bull. I guess that makes them nonseasonal in their attacks; they attack all year around.

  3. Reformed Pit Nutter comment:

    “Laura, I’m sorry I have to disagree with you. Pitbulls are naturally attack dogs. They will turn on the owner or children at any given time. Just like certain dogs are predisposed to have certain illnesses. The temperment is no different. I had 2 pitbulls and I used to say all the time that they are a couple of Teddybears. Although they never attacked a human before, they did attack 2 dogs that was 2 times bigger than they were at White Rock Lake. The owners of the other 2 dogs didn’t have them on leashes and they ran over to Boss and Boston. That is the only thing that save me from getting fined and them being taken away. When I saw the attack I was shocked at what they could do. I didn’t know these dogs anymore. My husband had to beat them off the other dogs with a stick. When I bacame pregnant with my 3rd child I decided to give them away. I didn’t want to take any chances that they would be jealous of my baby and attack him. Truth is I LOVE dogs and the 2 pits I have were my favorite dogs (except my Golden Retreiver) out of all the dogs I had but they do have an aggression (spelling) problem. It’s in their blood to attack for no reason. They didn’t need a reason, they just wanted to. They have so many triggers that you can’t even count them. A family that has children under 13 years should not have pitbulls because the are unpredictable. I hope this baby pulls through….my prayers go out to this family.”

  4. To above, see, that is a normal person’s reaction…. But most pit bull owners DON’T CARE that their dogs have this propensity. They really don’t care that they have a dog that wants to kill other dogs. If that story were posted on the pro-pit message boards, the person would be dressed down for getting rid of the dogs. Pit bull owners would blame the other dogs owners…they would say its not their problem, since the other dogs were off leash. Pit bull owners don’t think its a problem to own a dog that wants to kill other animals….they have ABSOLUTELY no guilt or remorse when their dog kills another dog.

    Real dog lovers don’t want to own fighting breeds…who wants a dog that wants to kill other dogs, and has the means to do it?

  5. Great find with that comment. It seems pit bull owners won’t accept it until it happens to them, and I’ve talked to a few that said those very words. But what’s upsetting is even though this woman knew what the dogs were capable of and that they were not safe, she still chose to give them away instead of putting them down. A responsible pet owner does not do that. I’m begining to think that no matter what the pit bull lovers tell us, the “responsible pit bull owner” is another myth and an oxymoron by definition.

  6. Another dog expert relative …who believes they are a Lion Tamer shatters a kids life. Prosecute please!

    Shame on this family. You have to be living under a rock not to know the danger at this point!

  7. Hmmm….all it would take is ONE resident to claim that they saw the dogs and notified the park manager. Wonder if anyone will come forward?

    I think any family whose child is mauled by a pit bull should face child endangerment charges. It’s just ridiculous to keep accepting excuses for this…no one can claim that they “didn’t know” a pit bull can be dangerous to children. It’s like claiming they “didn’t klnow” a child could get hurt playing with a loaded gun.

  8. The animal control professional’s comments are idiotic and disturbing:

    “You have to remember, with any large breed dog, when you have a child, they don’t look at that child as a miniature version of their adult master. They look at it as another animal,” Menefee said. “This is an odd animal to them. It’s an animal that makes unusual noises that they’ve never heard if they’ve never been around it. It’s an animal that has different emotional responses than adults.”

    “They don’t have a lot of experience around kids so their reaction is going to be, ‘This is a new animal on my territory and I have to defend my territory.'”

    Where are all the kids taking lifeflights from Goldens, Labs and St Bernards?!!!!!!!!!

    He is essentially saying…these dogs can’t differentiate between a kid and another matchdog.


  9. Straight out of Randall Lockwood’s mouth from a law enforcement (and animal control) training session, in which this nimrod likely attended. Large dogs do NOT treat all children like animals — only pit bulls AKA fighting breeds do:

    “Lockwood (2005) — Our recommendation from the Humane Society is that animals that we know have been actively bred or trained for fighting should never be considered for prospects for placement. There’s always a risk with these animals of animal-to-animal aggression. And one of the problems even if the animal is not aggressive, or instinctively aggressive toward humans, is that problems with socialization and problems with the upbringing of the animal, I’ve seen many instances in investigating fatal dog attacks of pit bulls that were bred for the fight trade, that these were animals that were simply has never learned to distinguish between another dog and a small human being. And the injuries that I’ve seen and that some of the autopsies that I’ve assisted in where of children who were essentially being treated by these dogs as another dog might be treated.”

    Get yourself a copy and learn what the senior VP of the ASPCA teaches law enforcement officers about the difference between pit bulls and all other breeds: Dog Bite Prevention for Law Enforcement and Other First Responders by Randall Lockwood, PHD, Tawzer Dog Videos, 2004

  10. Yes and ALL Pit Bulls have fighting genes in them….The noble 19th century dogmen culled thousands of non-proficient fighters to create and “refine” the breed and it is still going on today: See Mike Vick and Pat Patrick.

  11. I too have heard that a dog sees children as a peer instead of a human. The difference is pit bulls have the genes to fight and kill their peers while other dogs don’t. Most dogs don’t want to fight, they will make a big show of things instead to avoid fighting, and if they must fight they will stop when the point is made. One of the reasons children get bit by dogs more so than adults is the dog has less qualms about biting a peer to make their point (and in this case a bite is not an attack) than a human being. Pit bulls may have a higher pain threshhold and can take abuse from kids, but when those fighting genes are triggered the kid does not stand a chance. If owners were truly educated about the dogs they have and dog behavior in general, no one with children would own such a dog.

  12. This week I met the little girl that was attacked. Very sad story as her mother explained it to me. The child is very loving and full of hugs and smiles. I hope she grows up to be a strong woman because as a toddler she has survived a rough tragedy =(

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