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3 thoughts on “Was Hennepin County Judge in Pit Bull Mauling Biased?

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  1. This judge’s redirection of blame towards Animal Control was strikingly bizarre and inappropriate from its first utterance. Now that we know his history, we can at least begin to understand his bias and subsequent deference favoring the accused. This judge is in fact, himself, a frequent offender.

    Judge Kevin Burke absolutely should have recused himself in this matter. And with 15 contacts by enforcement in just 2 years, one has to question his suitability for the bench at all. Burke’s decision should be abrogated and a retrial initiated.

  2. I thought the prosecuter wanted to see this guy go to jail. It sounds like he’s the one that droped the ball.

  3. Sounds like a totally FUBAR situation on this one…I read an article where the lead prosecutor rarely works court cases anymore. Sounds like he has become rusty politician.

    As for the Judge…clearly he can’t concieve “cause and effect”, and criminal liability of owning a dangerous dog. It also sounds like he has a personal beef with animal control even though they have been lenient with him.

    No justice here for the dead kid and no deterrent effect for other dangerous dog owners. A travesty.

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