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4 thoughts on “'Vicious' Bites the Dust After Tumble with Grandma

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  1. Pit bull owner Ronnie England asks, “What kind of idiot really gets in the middle of a dog fight?”

    Better questions for Ronnie: What kind of an idiot… a) Owns a pit bull? b) Doesn’t secure it? c) Doesn’t license it? d) Blames the victim? e) Is charged with three misdemeanors? f) Ends up having their pit bull killed by authorities?

    Aggression is sometimes blamed on inbreeding, but so is stupidity. If I could only place one bet, I’d have to put my inbreeding money on the stunningly moronic Ronnie England.

  2. Ahhh…but young Ronnie let the cat out of the bag…From his statements, he reveals that he could give two shixts about the two dogs dieing in this incident. I’ve always wondered how a “Dog Lover” could bring a dog into a neighborhood that was developed for killing other dogs.

  3. Oh, umm…the attacking pit bull’s name was actually “Vicious”?

    And the dog owner is trying to tell people that his pit bull named Vicious wasn’t REALLY vicious?

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