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3 thoughts on “Pit Bulls Jumping Fences, Attacking Neighborhood Dogs

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  1. Dog lovers breeding dogs that kill other dogs! I don’t understand why this isn’t a bigger issue?

    It’s amoral as hell!

  2. These people would never put down a dog, that’s a couple hundred dollars gone. One of the cases on “People’s Court” the puppy (pit bull) had Parvo and the breeder would not pay the vet bill. She claimed she didn’t have to because she wasn’t a real breeder. The judge saw it different. The judge also got in a few remarks about how dangerous they were and that pit bulls had killed several people. GO JUDGE

  3. A friend of mine owns 4 Aussies. She was making dinner and let the dogs out for a potty break in their FENCED YARD! She heard a commotion (fighting) and she and her husband ran out to see their dominant bitch fighting with a pitbull. The other 3 dogs had disappeared so she scanning the yard with her eyes and sees a tiny red light. Just then a young guy hoops the fence, calls the pit, scoops the dog up and hands him off to the guy on the other side of the fence who had stopped recording. My friends was badly injured but, has made a full recovery. So the useless excuse of a human being isn't content screwing up just his dog, he randomly picks other dogs and screen them up.

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