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9 thoughts on “Flashback: The Pit Bull Problem is Over 20 Years Old

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  1. That was the first time I had ever seen a Pit Bull…

    Hope that Moo-Moo dragon spent some time in slammer for that.

  2. I heard she was convicted, but that she ended up serving little time. Lockwood talks about it on his video. Lockwood also blames Florence for being “under trained.” He uses the above video to teach AC officers what “not to do.”

    I believe Florence did sue AC or another department and received some compensation. Yet the situation around the entire event left all members feeling badly (no one got justice, certainly not Florence). I’ll have to rewatch that portion of the video.

  3. Ah yes, classic video. The late 80s was when I saw the first fatality by a pit bull and heard the words, “sweet loving family dog,” in the context of a murdered child.

    I recently forwarded another video for someone who mentioned an owner had recently began bringing a pit bull to the dog park.

    Check out some pit bull fun at a dog park and note how true to form their owner is!

  4. And in 20 years the insurance industry has learned a lot.

    Ultimately it is risk aversion that motivates insurers, not a hostility toward certain types of dogs, says Deusterman.

    “Insurers don’t discriminate — they calculate. They look for easy, empirically sound ways to reduce their underwriting risk. Charging pit bull and Rottweiler owners more is one of them.”

  5. No insurance company ever made a dime declining to collect premiums. Most won’t take a dime from pit owners!

  6. I talked to a guy yesterday that said his insurance would not cover a pitbull/boxer mix but it would cover a boxer/pitbull mix, so he told them it was a boxer/pitbull and they wrote him a homeowners policy. The dog is a small female. He does have a fenced in yard for the dog.

  7. That’s the customary tactic of a “proud Pit Bull owner”… Proud Pit Bull owner on post attack internet threads, but a Boxer Mix owner on insurance and registration paperwork!

    What the ignorant guy needs to realize is that the insurance company will investigate before it pays out a claim, and if the dog was not properly declared, the policy can be legally voided.

  8. Animal Control Officers were given tools to use that were not adequate agaisnt a charging pit bull. I would have shot the dog. I wonder how many aninmal controls officers were trained to subdue a vicious dog with a real dog under attack and how often. A film is not adequate training.

    Florence did not sue Animal Control or the city. She did not get justice as it relates to the dog owner. The dog was put to death.

    Florence is doing fine, though the video of the incident bothers her a great deal. She has never viewed the video. She always looks away when it comes on televison by surprise.

    (Florence's Husband)

  9. I would never wish to see my attack recorded on film. I can't imagine how this must be for her. I am glad that she is doing fine now. I wouldn't have imagined she received justice, as victims of violent dog attacks rarely do.

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