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6 thoughts on “Dogs in Las Vegas Severely Attack 2 Five-Year Old Boys

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  1. Doesn’t know how they got out.
    Wouldn’t hurt a fly, and yet the little boy has 156 stitches.
    These people are truly insane.

  2. The situation sounds bad — very bad. I think in time, one of the victim’s family will come out and share their side of the story. I hope so. Moron Santiago is hogging the headlines as the victim’s family suffer shock and horror.

  3. so the boxer’s name is ‘hitman’ and the owner thinks the PREVIOUS owner fought him.

    sounds like santiago is trying to make the dog into the victim and himself a rescue angel.
    practicing for the judge?

  4. Don’t worry…Pit Bull community safety experts are descending onto the scene to determine whether Human Aggressive Pits have been added to the genepool.

  5. I bet my life savings that the “boxer” isn’t really a boxer….I have friends who have owned purebred boxers for years. Brachycephalic breeds have no endurance; they wouldn’t last long in a fighting ring.

    The dog in the picture is a nursing female. Where is he hiding the puppies?

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