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6 thoughts on “Columbia Woman Wants Action After Vicious Pit Bulls Attack

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  1. Maybe NASA could develop a spray which repels pit bulls…The public could spray kids, dogs and livestock so we can all get along with the Pit Bull subculture living amongst us.

    Look at the social benefit from the space agency developing velcro for us.

  2. That or they could develop a potion to make us invisible. Then, whenever we stepped outside for a walk, or took out the trash, or got the mail, or visited a park, we’d remain unnoticed by pit bulls and wouldn’t be viciously attacked while stepping though our daily routines.

  3. I am the neighbor of the dogs that attacked Ms. Toole, and the dogs are always really nice and never usually aggressive. And to comment on what the others said the dog owner was deeply saddened by the fact her dogs were taken by animal control and she can’t get them back unless she pays $800 a dog. That is not a measly or minute fine. Anyways the victim only had a little bruise. Come on!

  4. “…and the dogs are always really nice and never usually aggressive.”

    ALWAYS really nice and NEVER USUALLY aggressive.
    Does anyone else see this contradiction?

  5. $800 bucks per dog? Hurray! Columbia, South Carolina takes the threat of these dogs for real. But hmmm, how did it add up to $1600? Both dogs unregistered? Both unlicensed? Both without shots? Both off leash? Why do I not feel sorry for this irresponsible dog owner? Provide a link to the news story that says this woman was cited for $1600 dollars.

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