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9 thoughts on “Charged Bloodsport Breeder, T.L. Williams, Still in Business

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  1. Hopefully, the Feds will be surveilling this event. Any “responsible” Pit owner who shows up at any event with this guy is nuts.

  2. “They are great with children and old people and, for those who don’t know them, my motto is, ‘Love ’em or leave ’em alone,'” said Brian Sennikoff, breeder and organizer of the Yuma pit club.

    too bad kelly caldwell, cheryl harper, carshena benjamin, kathleen moge, arline weiseborn, lillian stiles, alan hill, sue gorman, ed gierlach, hopeton hewett, peter strauss, barbara pritt, amy rice, etc never heard of your motto before.
    who knew it could be that easy!

  3. A trophy will be awarded for UGLIEST pit bull. I bet the competition is really steep in that category.

  4. A breed specific registry is having a breed specific dog show to rally against breed specific legislation, judged by an accused fighting dog trafficker.

    I’ve seen it all now!

    I suppose if no one gets mauled or killed at this event, they can consider it a great victory.

  5. As anonymous said, surveillance of any pit bull show is an easy way of locating folks with outstanding warrants. Felons and pit bulls go together like pie and ice cream.

    Take dear Mr. Kurt Sohrbeck for example, yet another pit bull loving felon wanted for shooting a deputy. Sohrbeck was featured last week, March 29, 2008, during the regular Saturday night airing of FOX’s ‘America’s Most Wanted.’ But what feature was it about Sohrbeck that ‘AMW’ thought America should know? Sohrbeck travels with his PIT BULL.

    Sometimes justice prevails, at least it did Wednesday, April 2nd, when Sohrbeck was spotted, then bagged and toe tagged (shot dead) by an Otero County deputy. Sohrbeck’s pit bull was impounded.

    And just today, (Sat., 4/5) Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla was featured on National Geographic as his team recovered an at large felon, where, of course, a pit bull was present.

    Please visit your local law enforcement web pages and look over their outstanding suspect photos. The next time you see a pit bull, please give its human company a second look. The link between criminality and pit bulls is irrefutable, and this criminal/pit bull partnership often provides opportunities to assist law enforcement in the identification and apprehension of wanted felons.

  6. “Pitbulls have had negative publicity, and this show will be a way to prove differently. It will be a family event, and behavior that is not in the best interest of the breed will not be tolerated. No people-unfriendly dogs or dog-unfriendly people will be allowed,” Sennikoff said.

    The Pit Nutters really believe they are smarter than the public! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Uh, tropies will be given to the best big dog, and best blue dog…..what about a “breed standard”???? I read that blue is not a real color for APBTs, the only blue dogs are pit crosses or Amstaffs. This is a joke….it’s so obviously NOT a real dog show.

    Anyone want to bet that 90% of the people who show up at the “dog show” have criminal records?

  8. Possibly just a fundraiser to extract donations for the legal defense costs of the judge.

    Pit Nutters are routinely exploited by the string pullers in the anti-BSL(pro mauling)movement to fund frivolous legal cases against cities… Their 14th admendment (equal protection) unfairness arguments have been laughed out of court recently.

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