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6 thoughts on “Baby Boy Attacked by Family Pit Bull in Flint

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  1. So this dog Bear, the owner says it was adopted two months ago. I’d like to know from where.

  2. How often do we see this flip and switch to “boxer mix,” either to avoid BSL definitions or as an attempt to appear LESS GUILTY? Some people seem to be pretty damn proud of their PIT BULLS & AMERICAN BULLDOGS until the day they tear someone up and need to become some other kind of dog.

  3. I just had a guy tell me his insurance co. told him they would not insure a pit/boxer mix but they would a boxer/pit mix. So that is what he told them. I guess some of this needs to be confronted by the insurance companies.

  4. Which makes more sense? A rot boxer-mix or a pit boxer-mix? The latter is becoming a common phenomenon. BOXER BREED folks out there, do you get how your breed is being misaligned (and bred) by pit bull owners? WAKE UP, or smell the coffin.

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