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8 thoughts on “5-Year Old Scales 6-Foot Fence to Enter Yard Containing Pit Bulls

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  1. Petey from “Lil Rascals” was a APBT/Am Staff… however, I always preferred the black bear “Gentle” Ben from that show in the seventies.

    In a perfect world I would have the constitutional right to buy black bear cubs in a wal-mart parking lot for 50 bucks,and leave in them unattended in my back yard.

    Coming home and finding the remains of a wandering child while remaining liability free would be cool!

  2. The boy did not climb the fence, he was pulled through the gate when he walked up looking for the boy that lived there. He got over 100 stitches. The teens mom said the dogs were loose on many occasions.

  3. Blog comments from the teenage rescuers mom:

    OMG!!!!! I am Cody Phillips mom the one that heard the little boy screaming and found him between the grips of a Pit Bull with a little boys head in his mouth and a Shar pei with the little boys leg in his mouth tossing him around like a rag doll. We didn’t know at the time how the little boy got into the back yard now we know that he went TO the gate looking for the neighbor boy to play with and the dogs grabbed the boy and pulled him through the opening in the gate to eat him.(yes i said eat him i saw them with my own eyes eating that little boy) Yes the dogs were inside the fence on this occasion but we back up to a soccer field that kids play games at every weekend and they have been loose on several occasions. I have personally called the animal control several times on these dogs. The little boy will be ok and that is the most important thing BUT MY SON IS A HERO the dogs are where they should be now. They will never hurt another child. Oh and for the dog owners they still have not come back home from where ever they are (they were notified by phone what happened within 30 minutes of the situation) Here it is 24 hours later and still the owners of the beasts are not home….. such concern…. Should I mention that these “responsible” & MIA dog owners were suppose to be taking care of the dogs on the other side of me. If you own one of these killers make sure to have plenty of insurance. If that was your little boy in the grips of a killer would you still feel the same way? I will say a prayer that your dog doesn’t express his natural tendencies and destroy someone you love!

  4. There was another comment from a person that was holding the boy while they were waiting for the ambulance, he said he had the little boy’s blood on him and how terrible the whole thing was. I guess it would be very hard to imagine without being there. I applaud you all for your bravery, you did a very good deed and one day you will be rewarded for it, of this I am sure.

  5. The news story did not sound too likely Shannon. A similar event happened last year to Dandre Fisher. The dog owners and authorities claim the 3-year old climbed a chain-link fence to play with the chained-up pit bulls in the neighbor’s yard. Dandre Fisher was killed.

    If you have news to report to, please email us directly at:

  6. The first comment here speaks of the desire to have a bear and to have bear owning rights, constitutionally guaranteed.

    Done! It’s called the Second Amendment and it guarantees ALL Americans the right to “Keep and Arm Bears!” (We’ve armed our two sweet family Grizzlies with gold fang extensions and sharpened nail tips, but only because they were having trouble holding a shotgun.) Specie Specific Legislation (SSL) is exactly like racism; it is illegal and unconstitutional. Our forefathers provided the second amendment to keep and arm bears for a reason. Only ignorance would try to pry Americans from this guaranteed right!

    Despite many common myths, bears are not mean or dangerous; it’s all in how they are raised. Our grizzlies are sweet family members and if you met them you would want one of your own. Just be a responsible grizzly owner and spay or neuter your bear so you’ll never have to worry.

    All animals can bite, but please learn the truth about bears. FACT: According to the American Temperament Test Society (ATTS), not one Bear has ever failed! I recently learned the pass rate for Beavers and Giant Otters was 0% — not one has ever passed! Labradors, Golden Retrievers, & Border Collies were ALL -42%. They actually earned their negative failure statistics because they’re so vicious they came back and attacked again, AFTER they already failed! Have you ever heard of a bear doing that? No! Like we’ve always said, “His name wasn’t ‘Gentle Ben’ for nuthin!”

    Consider death statistics to get the real picture: Auto accidents, 999 billion deaths. Guns, 817 zillion. Flying monkeys, Dolphins and Tuna Fish, 42,003. In the period beginning 12:00 am, January 22, and ending sometime later, Bears: ZERO!

    Of course, our grizzlies are great with kids, so it’s no wonder Eskimos once referred to their Polar Bears as “Nanny Bears.” And did you know that bears were once used by corn farmers? That’s why they’re only raccoon aggressive.

    If there’s any remaining doubt, ask yourself these two simple questions, “Has my veterinarian ever warned me NOT to get a bear?” (Of Course Not!) “When I visit a Shelter, do I see bears impounded for wrong-doing or because their owners didn’t want them anymore?” (Heck no! That’s because bears are the perfect pet!)

    Learn the facts at and buy your bear cubs with confidence!

  7. this is just about the funniest thing i have read in ages. wish i knew who to thank for the laugh!

  8. I read a comment from a Pit Bull safety expert that falling coconuts kill way more Americans than Pit Bulls, so regulating the persecuted, misunderstood dogs should be low priority!

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