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9 thoughts on “5 Pit Bulls Rescued from Dogfighting Operation Sent to Washington

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  1. There’s a big, ugly rhinoceros in the room. The only people who still refuse to see it are folks like Jessup and the HSUS. Their level of denial is incredulous.

  2. Why in the world would a sane individual want to increase “prey drive” in a Pit Bull kept as a family pet?

    Why is there no oversight on these people?

  3. To be fair to Jessup, none of these dogs are destined to be family pets. They will be placed in law enforcement.

  4. “The first time I met a pit bull I met a soul mate,” said Diane Jessup.

    She really said pit-bull-soul-mate? Bwaaaaaaaaahahahaha! Freak Show!

    Somebody forward this to the 17th floor at 30 Rockefeller. This has got to be seed material for a SNL bit!

    I’m thinkin’ Jessup is played by Julia Sweeney in a returning guest star role for something similar to her androgynous character ‘Pat,’ but heavier, lumbering, more jowlish, much uglier — all the features a pit bull looks for in a “human soul mate.”

    Cue ‘Pit Bull Lady’ and let the hilarity begin!

  5. In 2007, interstate transport of fighting dogs became a federal felony and the perp’s assets are subject to fortfeiture. Since each of Vick’s dogs came with a $20,000 dowry, a new cottage industry has sprung up amongst the rescue angel spinsters….Rehabilitating seized fighting dogs.

    Coming to a neighborhood near you soon!

  6. A $20,000 dowry for each seized pit bull?!

    For $19,600., they could provide shoes and food for 1,781 children in Darfur for a month through Talk about blowing your priorities! (I went with 19,600 to hold back $400, approximately the cost to have one of those pits turned into a cool head and shoulders taxidermy mount — a truly safe way to keep a pit bull around and a great conversation starter!)

  7. The entire Pit Bull community has calculated that other people’s dogs are merely Bait dogs and that six figure maulings are acceptable collateral damage.

    They are not to be trusted in any public safety capacity.

  8. The HSUS used to have a much stiffer policy on fight bust dogs–they are not to be adopted. However, I think now we are seeing the unfortuante result of outside, more extreme pit bull groups on more moderate organizations.

    The AKC, puppy mill interests, and inhumane industries in general have long waged war against the HSUS, and unfortuantely, that war has amped up to a fever pitch in recent years with the formation of corporate front groups like the Center for Consumer Freedom. The folks at the HSUS must be under tremendous pressure.

    I see work with people like Jessup as the actions of an unfairly hounded group under pressure by a pit bull breeding industry who cleverly wraps their policies as the animal-friendly and humane thing to do.

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