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4 thoughts on “South St. Louis Couple Worried About Another Pit Bull Attack

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  1. Too bad the St. Louis couple hadn’t taken the class to obtain a Missouri Conceal Carry License. Nothing says, “Problem solved,” as loud and clear as, “BANG!” (And that dog certainly wouldn’t get shuffled away to be a problem somewhere else.)

    I’m sure this doesn’t sound fair to some people and I understand. This scenario would only be fair if legislation was passed to force the dead pit bull’s owner to reimburse the shooter for their ammo.

    Expecting everyone to legal conceal carry probably isn’t practical, though. What would be practical is a ban on pit bulls. If there’s an objection to a “breed specific” ordinance, an “ugly dog” ordinance would certainly accomplish the same thing.

  2. Maybe communities could develop a spray that repels Pit Bulls. Make it mandatory to spray your kids before they go outside and dogs before going on walks.

    We’re all just going to have to adjust so we don’t damage the self esteem of the mythical, responsible pit bull owner.

  3. I think the meth lab operaters should use poodles at least every now and then. It’s breed discrimination to always use pit bulls and it unfairly gives them a bad name. Our mayor said you can make poodles mean, it’s all in how you raise them, so I’m sure it’s true.

  4. David, I think they should use cocker spaniels. According to all the internet dog experts,(who all seem to own pit bulls), cocker spaniels are more dangerous than pit bulls. Or, wait…maybe it is toy poodles?

    According to the pit bull lobby, the most dangerous dog in America must be the Cock-a-poo.

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