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5 thoughts on “Maggie Moo's Ice Cream Cancels Pit Bull Fundraiser in Independence

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  1. The MPR folks are so clueless! Thank goodness the citizens of Independence made a few phone calls informing the corporate head quarters of a “clearly inappropriate” event.

  2. Normally the Pro Maulers do this…The public has had enough with the maulings.

  3. Corporations are feeling the heat? I find this fascinating! Thank God HQ stepped in and set the priorities straight.

    Had the owner of the ice cream parlor been throwing a fundraiser for one of the maimed victims, I imagine HQ would have offered applause.

  4. No corporation should be able to get away with supporting the profileration of the number one canine mauler.

  5. kind of funny.
    i guess the pro pit community now has taste of what their organized protest feels like.

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