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2 thoughts on “HB 101 Backers Getting Bulldozed by Pit Bull Advocates

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  1. What’s at stake here is the presumption of domestication which is currently afforded Pit Bulls. One could argue that the Dogmen who have ruthlessly culled the docile ones for centuries have pushed the breed through the realm of domestication and out the other side. They’ve created a real disturbance in nature.

  2. In 2007, there were 440 reported incidents in which pit bulls and pit bull mixes bit people in Broward and Palm Beach counties, according to the counties’ animal-control departments. Yet, animal-control officials don’t support a ban on specific breeds, saying such regulations would be difficult to enforce and misguided in placing the blame on the dogs.

    It’s become apparent that the animal welfare community has infiltrated the ranks of many animal control departments….Pit Bull welfare seems to have priority over public safety and the maulings are accelerating.

    Time for a purge….

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