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3 thoughts on “Calgary Woman Loses Finger and Dog in Pit Bull Attack

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  1. “Elsasser was outraged to hear the pit bull may have been involved in an earlier incident, especially considering two nearby schools.”

    Hmmm…Calgary is frequently held up as the utopian animal control model by the Pit Nutters since it doesn’t restrict Pit Bull ownership. Looks like they had a serious animal control breakdown on this one.

  2. My dog was attacked by a pit bull in Calgary today.My spouse and the dog fought back, my spouse got bit as he stuck his hand down the pit bull’s throat to choke it and grabbed it’s scruff to break it’s neck but the owner pulled it away from him. The owner’s are having trouble coming up with rabies documentation…anyone know what the scoop is on this if they don’t have it? My understanding is that if their dog has not had rabies shots I might be able to have the pit bul put down to confirm rabies-free status on a post-mortem of the brain? All the cops I know hate these animals, yet the calgary bylaw officer tried to talk me out of pursuing the rabies issue… I told him my husband’s life is worth far more than their loaded gun of a dog’s life, apparently no laws in AB against using bear spray on dogs, I checked with the bylaw officer…

  3. Do we have to wait for more the same incidents before the bylaws might reconsider the ban? One is enough! don't wait for another incident to happen. It's unfair for most of the people who doesn't have the kind of this gogs, we're not safe. For the owners, what satisfaction you gain for having this animals, rather than being look tough?

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