Texas Supreme Court: Dog Owner Can't 'Watch Attack' and Do Nothing

Rules Against Dog Owner Austin, TX - The Supreme Court of Texas gets the "one-free bite" rule right. The court in this instance overturned two lower court decisions that held that the dog owner was not negligent after her three dogs attacked a woman while on-property. The Supreme Court ruled: Texas' "first free bite" rule -- allowing dog owners to escape most legal liability if a previously gentle dog attacks -- does not free owners from the responsibility of stopping an attac… [Read full blog post]

03/20-26/08: Pit Bulls Shot by Police

Pit Bull Shot By Off-Duty Tacoma Officer (03/20/08): Tacoma, WA - Police said an off-duty officer shot a pit bull after it charged him and several other people near the officer's South Hill home. According to a police spokeswoman, the officer was outside his home talking with a neighbor when they saw a teenager on a skateboard being chased by a pit bull. The officer called to the teenager to come over to him, to protect him from the dog. But the dog charged the three and the Tacoma of… [Read full blog post]

Minneapolis Father Tried for Manslaughter After Pit Bull Kills 7-Year Old Son

Zachary King Jr., 7-years old, was killed by his family's pit bull. Father Not Guilty UPDATE 04/11/08: A judge has ruled that a Minneapolis father is not guilty for the death of his son who was fatally attacked by a family pit bull on August 16, 2007. Zachary King Senior was found not guilty of a second- degree manslaughter charge. The ruling came in Friday around 10:30 am. Judge Burke called the boy's death a "horrific tragedy," and that it was a poor decision by the father to keep t… [Read full blog post]