Texas Supreme Court: Dog Owner Can't 'Watch Attack' and Do Nothing

Rules Against Dog Owner Austin, TX - The Supreme Court of Texas gets the "one-free bite" rule right. The court in this instance overturned two lower court decisions that held that the dog owner was not negligent after her three dogs attacked a woman while on-property. The Supreme Court ruled: Texas' "first free bite" rule -- allowing dog owners to escape most legal liability if a previously gentle dog attacks -- does not free owners from the responsibility of stopping an attac… [Read full blog post]

03/20-26/08: Pit Bulls Shot by Police

Pit Bull Shot By Off-Duty Tacoma Officer (03/20/08): Tacoma, WA - Police said an off-duty officer shot a pit bull after it charged him and several other people near the officer's South Hill home. According to a police spokeswoman, the officer was outside his home talking with a neighbor when they saw a teenager on a skateboard being chased by a pit bull. The officer called to the teenager to come over to him, to protect him from the dog. But the dog charged the three and the Tacoma of… [Read full blog post]

Minneapolis Father Tried for Manslaughter After Pit Bull Kills 7-Year Old Son

Zachary King Jr., 7-years old, was killed by his family's pit bull. Father Not Guilty UPDATE 04/11/08: A judge has ruled that a Minneapolis father is not guilty for the death of his son who was fatally attacked by a family pit bull on August 16, 2007. Zachary King Senior was found not guilty of a second- degree manslaughter charge. The ruling came in Friday around 10:30 am. Judge Burke called the boy's death a "horrific tragedy," and that it was a poor decision by the father to keep t… [Read full blog post]

03/13-19/08: Pit bulls Shot by Police

Two Pit Bull Dogs Attack; One Shot by Police (03/11/08): Frankfort, IN - A Frankfort man faces multiple citations after two pit bulls attacked a woman and her dog. Police say Saturday afternoon Gloria Gavalier was walking her dog near the intersection of East Clinton Street and Kelly Avenue in Frankfort when they were attacked by two pit bulls. When police arrived at the scene one of the dogs attempted to attack an officer. He shot the attacking dog. Gavalier was treated for a do… [Read full blog post]

03/6-12/08: Pit Bulls Shot by Police

Edgefield Police Shoot Pit Bull During Attack (03/06/08) Edgefield, SC - An Edgefield Police Officer shoot and killed a pit bull dog as it attacked a neighbor’s dog recently. According to police reports, this was not the first call police have responded to regarding a Crook Street resident’s pit bulls. When the officer arrived on the scene, the attack by one of the pit bulls was ongoing. The officer drew his service weapon and fire one shot hitting the pit bull. Two subsequ… [Read full blog post]

Ontario Pit Bull Ban Greatly Reduces Bite Count

Pit Bull Bites DropToronto, CA - Since the Ontario Dog Owners' Liability Act took effect on Aug. 29, 2005, which bans the breeding, sale and ownership of pit bulls in the province of Ontario, reports of bites by pit bulls in Toronto have dropped dramatically. In 2004, there were 130 reports of pit bull bites. The numbers decreased greatly in subsequent years: 71 in 2005; 53 in 2006; and 44 in 2007. Concern about pit bull attacks prompted the Ontario government to target pit bull t… [Read full blog post]