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2 thoughts on “Stray dogs, including 2 pit bulls, picked up in Manteca

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  1. I like Cindy Schick too. Her quotes are great…

    “The dogs do have an attitude when out on the street.”

    “Pit bulls “are becoming more and more of a problem, especially those that can get out of weak fences and are running loose.”

    “What’s causing the issue with these dogs? There seems to be no answer.”

    But is this true? Or is it more that pits are a fighting breed and are most often paired with very irresponsible owners, or responsible owners that pretend the genetics of the breed can be overcome with “good ownership.” Both types of owners leave catastrophic human and animal injury in their wake.

    It’s good to know that more and more animal control officers are finally recognizing this reality. Randall Lockwood of the ASPCA does not “want” to be breed specific in terms of pit bulls, but he does say this

    “It is shortsighted and not biologically or ecologically accurate to deny the fact that dog breed effects behavior and the potential for aggression. Setters “set” because we bred them to do that. Pointers “point” because we bred them to do that. Retrievers “retrieve” because we bred them to do that. Fighting dogs “fight” and guarding dogs “guard,” and attack dogs “attack” because we bred them to do that. And to say that all pit bulls are voracious killers because that’s how they were bred is certainly inaccurate. To say that it’s all up to the people — the only bad ones are the ones people abused or are trained to be bad — that’s also untrue.”

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