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3 thoughts on “No Plea Deal Offered in Multiple Losco Township Dog Mauling Case

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  1. While I definitely think the dog owner should go to jail, it will be of small consolation to the families of the victims.

    I agree with punishing dog owners, don’t get me wrong…but ultimately, society should be focusing on preventing these tragedies before they happen. I think the current attitude toward dog attack victims is barbaric…that serious dog attacks and maulings are simply unfortunate accidents that could never be predicted or prevented; kind of like being struck by lightening. Until we regulate dog breeding and ownership, as well as punish owners of dogs that attack people and other domestic pets, we will continue to see an increse in tragedies like this.

  2. david morse, please continue to stand your ground and pursue the maximum penalty for this piece of garbage. if ever there was person that needed to fry, it is diane cockrell. she should spend EVERY day of her 30 yr sentence in a prison cell.

  3. Good luck trying to prove that the bite marks are inconclusive. Errr, why aren’t we hearing talk abut DNA or dog stomach content evidence?

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