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7 thoughts on “Funeral director cited after dog allegedly snaps at child

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  1. What, in God’s name, is wrong with pit bull owners? Why would you have a dog roaming around a funeral home during services? At a very minimum, isn’t that enormously disrespectful of the deceased and their families? What if a grieving family member was afraid of dogs, are they expected to simply leave?

    I’m surprised a member of the clergy hasn’t spoken up…. I think I know a few priests and ministers who would have told the funeral director to get the dog out of there before performing a service.

    Is this a very small town? Is this the only funeral home in town? If this was happening in my town, the local clergy, along with families of the deceased, would have set the funeral director straight. For the record, I live in the Northeast, not the Bible belt, but this story blows my mind.

  2. While Adams is aware of only those two incidents, she said she has received several complaints from people. “They’ve said they’ve been there and the dog is roaming around,” she said. “I’ve had to tell them that I’m not familiar with the funeral home regulations.”

    Another ethereal animal welfare community professional who shouldn’t be in a trusted position
    dealing with public safety.

  3. Well, as far as animal control personnel go…perhaps if you live in a major metropolitan area, you will have trained professionals working in AC. In many municipalities, the AC job is one of the last, old-time patronage jobs left to dole out. It’s still viewed as the “dog-catcher” in many towns, and is often give to someone in City Hall’s loser brother-in-law who couldn’t find a job otherwise. Our former AC person was not even a certified vet tech; I also know someone who was offered the job when that person left, because they were a “friend of a friend” of someone at City Hall; the person turned it down, mainly because she had absolutely no real experience with animals.

    Keep this in mind when you read these brilliant quotes from animal control personnel….quite often they have no real training or expertise in animal behavior or animal welfare laws.

  4. “He sits in my office all day,” he said.

    what a liar. have pit bull owners completely lost the ability to tell the truth? obviously, the dog doesn’t just sit in his office all day, if there have complaints about it roaming the funeral home. i am sure there is more to the first incident with boxer too. the boxer no doubt taunted the pit bull.

  5. Schultz, several years ago I had a neighbor’s off leash pit bull come after my two year old, while I was walking down the street to visit a friend. I was eight months pregnant at the time. The college student who owned the dog sat on her front porch watching, smirking, while I yelled for her to call her dog. She wouldn’t.

    The dog was rigid, hackling, it’s huge muscular jaws about two feet away from my son’s face. I held his hand tightly, and put him behind me, blocking the dog with my body. I told him to be very still and not look at the dog. I yelled as loud as I could for the owner to call the dog off. My heart was pounding, as I tried to calculate how fast I could turn and lift my son up to get his face and throat away from the dog, while protecting my unborn child, somehow, with my arms.

    Finally, the dog owner, still smirking, walked across the street slowly and called the dog, who came reluctantly. She still would not leash it. I suspect she realized a neighbor would hear me screaming and call the police.

    I have owned dogs all my life, and have a lot of “dog people” who are friends. I have friends who do confirmation, herding, obedience, etc. I have friends who are members of rescue groups, etc. I love reading about dogs, talking about dogs, have done some basic obedience, and hope to eventually to do more advanced training and competition. In other words, I am not an idiot, and understand quite a bit about dog behavior…and I know, without a doubt, that if my son that day had not listened to me, had panicked and screamed and made any sudden movement, he would most likely have been killed, or seriously maimed. Had the dog come running up to us with a friendly, relaxed, posture and a wagging tail, I would have been on my knees pettig it, regardless of breed. I really love dogs, and have NO fear at all of any particular breed. But pit bulls and their owners seem to be in a class all by themselves.

    The punch line of this story? When I reported the incident to AC, teh repsonse was…”Well, I didn’t see it, so I can’t really do anything about it….”

  6. A declared vicious dog freely "policing" the funeral home when it could cost the proprietor his business (and therefore sustenance/lifestyle of which he's accustomed…) and he KNOWS it… It makes no sense whatsoever to risk it all…. Unless the "all" is not all… Funeral home would be a great way to obscure a large meth lab or some such…

    Yes I've watched too much Breaking Bad but… Maybe ole Creeps McGee has too….

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