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8 thoughts on “Boy Critical After Pit Bull Mauling in Lubbock

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  1. this is what zero tolerance for loose running dogs will get you.
    keep cracking that whip mayor.

  2. A truly berserking pit bull. I imagine the mayor and city council folks are going to get an earful after this.

    THESE dogs, and other dangerous dogs, do NOT belong in communities at all or at least without special regulations.

  3. I think the prosecuting attorney should remind the jury that the owners did not immediately agree to have the dog euthanized. Yet another case of the typical sociopathic pit bull owner who does not care one bit about the victim, and really isn’t sorry at all that their dog almost killed a child.

  4. Once again, the pro-pit community blames the victim….below is a quote from the pro-pit blog, the KC dog blogger…

    “Then, last week, a ‘pit bull’-boxer mix dog was running astray and approached a mother and her 3 year old child as they walked up to their house. The young boy, scared by the dog, took off running (not the right response when scared by a dog, and it would have been a great opportunity for the newspaper to get a canine expert quoted to educate people on this), and the loose dog ended up biting the young boy.”

    Yes, let blame the child for trying to get away from an off leash, rampaging pit bull. If only the child had been told to “be a tree”, this poor pit bull would not be in trouble right now. This is just another example of how the people who are obsessed with these dogs have absolutely no compassion for victims. Conveniently, he failed to metion that the dog then attacked Doberman and ripped it’s leg off.

  5. Finally, some self-policing by Pit Owners. Unfortnately, they are too late to the dog safety party.

    Leading the group is 30 year pit bull owner Eddie Gamez. Over the past 30 years Eddie has owned 12 pit bulls and bread three of them. Eddie says pits are unlike any other dog.

    “You have to have them contained in a secure back yard with a good fence and even then I think they need to be chained up because these dogs are athletic, they’re muscular, they can jump. They’re not dangerous. You just have to have… It just takes the right owner to be responsible to know that they have an animal that needs extra special care. It’s not like any other dog. They’re not for everybody,” Eddie said.

  6. Eddie is another back yard breeder who desperately wants to retain his right to make money off of his dogs. What kind of family pet is that? A dog you need to fence AND chain? How many pit bulls does Eddie have now? Why does anyone need a yard full of chained up pit bulls as “pets”?

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