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4 thoughts on “Even Trained, Family Pit Bulls Can Attack

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  1. The Pit Bull Taliban are gonna go Code Red and issue a Fatwa against this vet!

    How dare he stray from the veterinary community’s PC mantra that “All dogs are the same”!

    Follow the money….

  2. Well said….I’m sure this vet will get death threats for saying this. The funny thing is, if you REALLY believe that all dogs are the same and “its all how you raise them”, then, really, you don’t need any particular type of dog as a “pet”. You don’t need a pit bull, you can go to a shelter and adopt a Lab or a beagle instead.

    Remember, if “breed doesn’t matter”, then it shouldn’t matter to you what breed of companion animal you own. It’s a perfect argument for mandatory sterilization of pit bulls, who are dying in shelters at record numbers.

    But after stating that “its all how you raise them”, pit bull owners will insist that their dogs are just unbelievably special, and that they will “never own any other type of dog”. Why? So breed does matter? If there are no breed specific traits, then pit bull owners should be equally happy with a Lab or beagle, right? So why own a pit bull?

    It’s the circular logic and the constant contradictions of the pit bull lobby that drive me crazy. None of what they say makes any sense.

  3. Thank you for your expert veiw. I’m with you 100%! People have distorted this breed…abused it…and altered it’s personality. I wish my state of LA would ban th…

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