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5 thoughts on “Sheriff’s Deputy Assaulted After Dog-Mauling Complaint

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  1. Photos speak for themselves don’t they? Still though, there is the awkward situation of a properly fenced dog brutally attacked and killed by “loose” dogs, whose owner faces little to no penalty.

    It is for good reason that the owner and her son are being charged for their actions toward the police and animal control officer. But what if they had not been officers? What if a neighbor who witnessed the whole thing had grabbed onto her truck to stop her from fleeing and he was dragged? For that matter, what if the pit bull jumped out of the vehicle and attacked that neighbor? I doubt there were would be any charges in either instance.

    I understand that officers are treated much differently than public citizens in these instances and should be. Still though, this story presents a lot of contradictions at once. It illustrates how some aspects are weighted in some instances and not in others.

  2. I’m sure that as a responsible Pit Bull owner, this woman was in a big hurry to render assistance to the neighbor who’s dog was mauled. Clearly a misunderstanding….

  3. i am on the edge seat waiting for the names of these two delightful pit bulls to be released. what do you think?
    i will guess, ma barker and jd which short for john dillinger

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