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6 thoughts on “Police kill attacking pit bull in Hollywood

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  1. It’s been a few days since the last .38 cal euthanization…

    Hopefully,this beserker was put down before he sired human aggressive pups.

  2. Another case for mandatory spay and neuter; chances are, this dog had already been bred, and has sired who knows how many puppies that will mature into aggressive dogs.

    Dogs like this will lose their appeal real quick when no one can make a buck off of them…. with s/n laws, one complaint from a neighbor and AC can come down, ask for proof of s/n, and if the owner doesn’t have it, confiscate the dog.

  3. Mandatory s/n/microchip laws could be a start. BUT irresponsible owners don’t follow laws. It’s not cool. They will hide their dogs until something bad happens…then let the authorities confiscate the dog…they don’t care. They can just buy another one for little $$ and start all over.

    Unfortunately the media plays a big part in the popularity of the “bad” breeds. The more “maulings” thugs hear about the cooler the dog. Remember the Dianne Whipple case? The dogs were Presa Canarios. After she was killed, Presa breeders started recieving requests.

  4. Blah…Blah….Blah…Deceipt filled Pit Bull talking points!

    The slippery slope argument…Explosive dog aggression is a perfectly acceptable breed trait…The media unfairly reports Pit Bull attrocities, Insurance companies decline collecting premiums based on faulty risk data….

    A good read about Springfield, MO:

    City: Pit Bull Laws Having Impact

  5. More about Springfield:

    The data seems to indicate there are fewer pit bulls out there,” he said.

    Vicious dog attacks have decreased by roughly 33 percent, Gipson said. About 115 tickets have been issued for failure to register and nearly $4,000 in fines have been collected since the ordinance’s inception, according to data from the Springfield Municipal Court.

    “At the one-year mark of enforcement on Oct. 16, Gipson said 153 pit bulls and pit bull mixes had been impounded. Owners who want their dog back are required to have their pet registered.

    Gipson said in the year prior to the ordinance there were 15 vicious-dog attacks, 11 of which involved pit bulls, according to data collected by the Springfield/Greene County Health Department.

    Gipson then noted that in the year since the ordinance was adopted there have been 10 vicious-dog attacks, only four of which involved pit bulls. “It’s reduced the number of vicious-dog attacks, and that’s what brought this ordinance into being. It appears to be working.”

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