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4 thoughts on “Pit Bull "Parenting" Class Offered After Brutal Death of Jennifer Lowe

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  1. Instead of having people read through God knows what legal documentation, why don’t you state which parts were cherry-picked and why? Or can you not write such a reasonable comment?

  2. I actually attended the class. Not because I do not know how to be responsible where my pit is concerned, but to see what material was being offered. The class was never intended to be a cure-all for the problems that are arising due to irresponsible owners. The class was intended to help individuals understand that they have a responsibility as an owner. It was intended as the first step to awareness. I have read all of the items on this page. I noticed that in every incident, the dog was either chained, restrained by an owner that could not control their dog, or was a dog at large. I also noticed that you only posted pit bull attacks. Is that because your agenda is breed based and not behavior based? There are other dogs biting and seriously. Alaska has the same problem with huskies that some areas are having with pits. Open you mind, address all agressive dogs and go after ALL irresponsible owners – not just those that own pits. We are not all thugs and drug dealers.

  3. “I also noticed that you only posted pit bull attacks.”

    NO, I post all breed attacks. As a matter of fact, you passed by at least 4 more recent articles that involved other dog breeds. You are guilty of what you accuse the media of doing and that is ignoring non-pit bull attacks.

    It is true that the majority of these posts are about pit bulls. I see dog bites similar to car accidents. Only the bizarre or the very serious or the fatal car accidents are reported in the news, not the fender benders.

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