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4 thoughts on “Loose pit bull attacks boy in Hartford

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  1. I am sick an tired of so-called dog “experts” blaming the victims, especially children, for doing “something” to provoke these attacks. A dog who attacks a child leaving a public building, then LATCHES onto his leg, refusing to let go, is displaying breed specific behavior. High prey drive, aggression, and that prized trait of fighting breeds..gameness.

    Lets stop pretending that “any” breed of dog will behave this way if not “trained”.

  2. “it’s the horses fault”
    “it’s scruffy’s fault for getting too close to the fence”
    “it’s that old woman’s fault. she should have used a breaking stick”
    it’s 9 yr mariah carver’s fault for daring to go to her friend’s house with out an adult.

  3. I frequently read comments by Pit Bull advocates claiming that other breeds bite more frequently…. When a single Pit Bull bites its victim 30 times, do they count it as a single bite incident?

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