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4 thoughts on “Minneapolis Retools Dangerous Dog Ordinance

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  1. For those who continue to insist…”Its not the breed, it’s the owner”; what do we do when a particular breed attracts the worst type of dog owner? That is the “pitbull paradox”. The types of people who would be good pit bull owners…responsible, mature, intelligent people who have advanced dog handling skills, who research dog breeds before buying, buy only from responsible hobby breeders,who are looking for a loving family pet and not an image booster,a cheap burglar alarm, or an animal to fill an emotional void in their lives…..these people don’t want them. Why would they? With so many other dogs more suitable for a family pet than a pit bull, there is no reason to own one.

    Responsible onwers don’t want to deal with the liability, they don’t want to frighten and intimidate family,friends, and neighbors by owning a muscle dog with a fierce reputation, they don’t want to deal with the high levels of dog aggression, or the needle-in-a-haystack search for a “responsible” APBT breeder.

    That’s the real problem with the breed…the types of people who own and breed them, for all the wrong reasons.

  2. Real victims have one choice in the face of such adversity — TO BE BRAVE. Paula captures this monumentally.

  3. As a life-long dog-lover myself, I struggle with the “breed or owner” paradox myself. Until my 9-week old puppy and I were attacked by an unleashed and unattended pit bull in my front yard this summer. Not two months later, my dog was attacked (and yes, I do know the difference between playing and aggression) by a pit bull that shouldn’t have been at the St. Anthony Pkwy dog park.

    I’m sick of being afraid in my own neighborhood because the City of Minneapolis doesn’t keep up with or punish severely enough the dog owners who own dangerous dogs.

  4. I was attacked by a Pit Bull last year. The dog was CLEARLY trained to go for my neck! The owners knew better than to have their dog on a busy sidewalk.

    I'm not big on suing people, but with so many people using a dog as a security system there needs to be a culture of them understanding the responsibility that comes with that. At least thats what I told myself when we sued the SOBs!

    This guy is super nice and handles dog bites:

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