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4 thoughts on “Board orders pit bull be euthanized

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  1. i say the underwoods should be reunited with their loser son in jail.

    these cases are so predictable.

    when is society going to wake up and outlaw felons from owning these dogs!!

  2. “Underwood said he only knows of one other biting incident, which occurred in October when Titan bit his stepson.”

  3. I am so disturbed that many shelters and breed-specific adoption organizations promote these dogs as safe family pets, while continuously insisting that the potetial for serious dog aggression is not a problem. Owning a dog who wants to kill other dogs is a huge problem….many innocent people have been mauled by pit bulls while trying to stop an attack on their own dog.

    Quite often the pit bull will redirect it’s aggression toward the owner of the dog it is attacking as they try to save their dog. Pit bull advocates will insist that dog aggression is “totally different” from “human aggression”, and that it’s easy to manage. That, in my opinion, is an outright lie.

    Any dog with high levels of animal aggression/prey drive could, under the right circumstances, view a small child as prey. And the attitude that victims should simply step aside when a pit bull grabs their dog and let their dog die, to avoid being attacked, is heartless, cruel, and arrogant.

    I think the statements made by the owners of the pit bull in this story accurately reflect the attitude of the people attracted to this breed….heartless, cruel, self-absorbed, and showing no remorse when their dog hurts someone.

    I hope the victim gets a good lawyer and takes this man to court.

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