2008 Dog Bite Fatality: Kelli Chapman Killed by Two Pit Bulls

Kelli Chapman, 24-years old, was killed by her pet pit bulls while sleeping in her bed. New Information UPDATE 1/23/08: Investigators say this wasn't the first time officers had to shoot a dog at the Chapman's home. Police reports show that in October 2006, the Beauregard-DeRidder narcotics task force and the SWAT team raided the Chapman home, where they found methamphetamine and other drug items. Both Kelli and Jason were arrested. During the raid, one of the couple's pit b… [Read full blog post]

2008 Dog Bite Fatality: Justin Mozer Killed by Jack Russell Terrier

Autopsy Results archived UPDATE 1/20/08: Officials say a 6-week old baby boy in Lexington died of suffocation and blood loss after being attacked by a family dog. Justin Mozer was sleeping in a bedroom Friday when a Jack Russell terrier attacked him. An autopsy was done Saturday on the infant's body. The Fayette County coroner's office says it showed that he died of traumatic asphyxia, or suffocation, and blood loss due to the dog attack. The manner of death is being investiga… [Read full blog post]

Family Hopes Vigil for Jennifer Lowe Brings Change, Stronger Laws

Jennifer Lowe was killed by two pit bulls that had been legally declared "dangerous." Family Wants New Laws West Knox County, TN - Jennifer Lowe would have been 22 years old this past Monday. On November 12, 2007, Jennifer was killed by two pit bulls while she visited the home of Charles Smallwood. Because she was on the dog owner's property at the time of the attack, no criminal charges were filed against Smallwood, nor is the family eligible for civil recourse. On the day of Jenn… [Read full blog post]

Lillian's Law - Texas State Dangerous Dog Law

Austin, TX - Lillian's Law (HB 1355) is the new Texas State dangerous dog law. Under the law, the owner of a loose dog that causes injury or death can be prosecuted if the owner is found to be "criminally negligent" in failing to prevent the dog from escaping. The third-degree felony charge can bring a sentence of 2 to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. If the victim dies, a dog owner can be charged with a second-degree felony, bringing up to 20 years in prison. Lillian's Law stems f… [Read full blog post]