Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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OpenID 70dd0968-b7d2-11e1-92d9-000bcdcb5194  |  5/14/2013 5:21 PM  |  Flag  
If these dogs were reported to AC before this, the county should be sued into a hole. If they weren't reported, everyone who saw them loose should be shamed and praying to their god for mercy.

Blogger orangedog  |  5/14/2013 6:41 PM  |  Flag  
I guess we need to ban people from owning Pit Bulls since they insist that it's always bad owners that are the reason for these attacks.

Blogger PutMeInCharge4OneDay  |  5/14/2013 8:24 PM  |  Flag  
This poor man to have been through what he has, and to have his life taken by this pack of monsters.

This incident is something out of a horror movie, except these monsters really do walk amongst us.

Blogger vintage  |  5/14/2013 11:36 PM  |  Flag  
220th American killed by a Pit Bull since the CDC Report and the 30th since May 1 2012

Additionally, this was another DBRF by a pit-breeder's cash cows. This is not seen with the other breeds....Clearly, they are breeding mankillers!

Blogger Dave Burris  |  5/15/2013 12:39 AM  |  Flag  
Stinkin', Filthy, Cowardly press. I searched through 8 articles and none of them mentioned what breed of dog killed this man. Makes me puke.

Blogger snarky  |  5/15/2013 9:38 AM  |  Flag  

many people in the press are " into pit rescue"

Blogger Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits  |  5/15/2013 7:31 PM  |  Flag  
One look at the pictures of Carlton Freeman and his wife and I know they were good people - people that I would like to have known - with so many problems in life like Mr. Freeman's diabetes - he did not deserve to be shredded by pit bulls. Neither did Emako Mendoza of San Diego, or Roy McSweeney of Putnam County Florida. To say I don't understand why America is letting dogs eat people alive is understating it. Why are dogs/dog owners being given the power and freedom to kill these wonderful people that are harming no one ???

Blogger PutMeInCharge4OneDay  |  5/16/2013 1:01 PM  |  Flag  
Well it looks like this city is doing something proactive.

"Royal Oak Ordinance Requires $1 Million ‘Dangerous Dog’ Insurance Policy"


Blogger PutMeInCharge4OneDay  |  5/22/2013 2:22 PM  |  Flag  

Did they catch the dogs?

Had the dogs belonged to the neighbor/family member can you choose not to press murder charges?

OpenID truthbird  |  5/22/2013 2:41 PM  |  Flag  
These were not feral dogs! Just an excuse not to file charges.

Blogger Lambchops  |  4/21/2017 7:41 PM  |  Flag  
I hope these very dangerous dogs will be euthanized before they can ever destroy another human being again; or even hurt other animals. Please inform as to whether these vicious dogs have been put down.

Blogger Lambchops  |  4/21/2017 7:48 PM  |  Flag  
Dogs that attack people should be euthanized when they cause the death of a person family pet and pit bulls are very dangerous. My friend had three little Maltese dogs and one of them was killed by a neighbor's pit-bull and I read some time ago about a 9 year old child being mauled to death by a pit-bull but for some odd reason these dogs are always being adopted by people from shelters and that's not fair to an unsuspecting family with children. But a person of any age is at risk with this breed if dog. And some insurance companies won't give house insurance to people with pit-bulls. There is obviously a reason for that!
My heart goes out to the family of the man who was pulled out of his wheelchair because a thoughtless neighbor let those dogs run around freely. Our society is crazy to let that happen and it's because shelters are getting away with selling these dangerous animals.

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