Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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Blogger P.  |  5/27/2009 8:36 AM  |  Flag  
Speedy is a good man, unlike the other Council members who think they know it all when they don't know their a-- from a hole in the ground about this subject. All they can quote is from studies bought and paid for by the breeders/dogfighters. And of course, the infamous Karen Delise as the National Canine Research Council, one person, a pit owner. We need to give ourselves a name like that and maybe then they will listen.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  5/27/2009 9:31 AM  |  Flag  
I don't think a new name or a new mauling will make them listen. Furthermore, having to euthanize another 5,000 pit bulls due to the "tabling" of this proposal won't make them listen either. These people have no interest in protecting the public or even protecting pit bulls!

Anonymous Anonymous  |  5/31/2009 11:39 AM  |  Flag  
There is such ignorance about this dog on the city-council---they listen to these people who tell half truths and spout cliches. Angela Mansfield is one of the councillors---she is a raving luatic. She listens to the Indy Pit Crew---they quote Karen Delise and the National Canine Reseach Council like it's prepared by NASA. Karen is of course a vet tech, by herself, with an unpublished book. Whats so ironic is that these fools are hurting this dogs survival--the issue won't go away.

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